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Protecting Your Interests, Achieving Your Goals

When a dispute occurs between the owners of a business, it can pose a grave threat to everything they have worked so hard for over the years. To protect the value of the business or even its viability, the dispute must be resolved in a timely manner.

At the law firm of Markle • DeLaCruz, LLP, we provide vigorous representation in cases involving partner and shareholder disputes. We understand not only the legal issues in such cases, but also their commercial aspects as well. When representing you, Markle & DeLaCruz, LLP, will work diligently to achieve a positive resolution that preserves the value of the company and protects your interests.

Contact our firm to schedule a consultation about an owner dispute. We represent clients in the greater Houston area and throughout Texas.

Representing Business Owners in All Types of Disputes

Disputes between owners are a common occurrence. Some of the more common types of disputes include the following:

Scenario One — Co-owner A wants to sell the business, while co-owner B wants to make it grow.

Scenario Two — Co-owner A wants to diversify or expand the business in a way that co-owner B thinks is risky.

Scenario Three — Co-owner A puts in 80 hours a week at the company, while co-owner B seems more interested in his golf game.

Scenario Four — Co-owner A has misappropriated corporate funds.

Markle • DeLaCruz, LLP, has the experience, business knowledge and advocacy skills needed to represent clients in these and other situations.

Houston Business Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Your case has unique aspects. Our business litigation attorneys will listen closely as you describe the nature of your dispute. We will provide you with an objective evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your position. We will also describe possible solutions and discuss what we can do to help you achieve a satisfactory resolution of your problem. Based on your directions, we will then work diligently to achieve your goals.

Consultation With a Lawyer

Contact Markle • DeLaCruz, LLP, to schedule a consultation with our Clear Lake shareholder and partner dispute attorneys.

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